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Fake Note Detector (UV/MG)

UV MG Fake Note Detector, this tool is built for manual checking of Fake Notes. You have to put each note individually for determining it's authenticity.
Indian Currencies made with unique security features embedded in it, which are not visible to the naked eye. 
For Example: In a note od Rs 500 there are lots of small fibres and numbers placed randomly inside the note. If you put that note under the UV Lamp of this device, the fibres will start to glow. The Magnetic Ink Grip will also glow and the mark of RBI will be visible flawlessly. 
The serial number of the notes will also shine when you put the note under the UV Lamp of this device.
If this happens, then the note is genuine.

1 Year Warranty on the UV Lamp and the device.

All Indian Currencies are accepted
In-Built High-Quality UV Lamp
Detects Magnetic Ink
Identifies Original Serial Numbers
Detects Random Security Fibres
Identifies Magnetic Threads
Deetcts: Bank Notes, Cheques, Passport, Credit Cards.

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